Hubada.com is built and maintained by two regular joes that love to sip whiskey, read, code, and pop cherries like it's nobody's business.  When there aren't 72 virgins partying in their respective bachelor pads, new porn sites are being added to Hubada at every chance they get.  As true pr0n connoisseurs, these guys know what makes your dick tick.  

When "The Operation" isn't coding the backend to Hubada, it's only because he's getting some attention under his desk.  He loves fine things.  Watches, whiskey, and bitches.  He isn’t your average computer specialist.  This wild man is tall, dark, and hung.  His fingers play the keyboard of his desktop exactly like the ladies in his life - with grace - in and out, hard and long. When he pops open his IDE, bitches know things are about to get done.  Hard.   Talk about multi-tasking, this guy can do more than two things at once: when everything else is busy, he can still keep his hands on the keyboard. 
Porn Preference: Asian Porn


Have you ever seen that guy that annoys the fuck out of you, and yet you are jealous all at the same time?  This is "The Impact" for you.  A ladies man, long flowing hair like a Greek god, tan, supremely white teeth, and he is always wearing linens like he is Scarface.  "The Impact" knows how to get it done in more ways than one.  When doesn't have the hottest virgin on his dick, he is the guy finding new porn sites.  He is a porn connoisseur and definitely an ass man, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know what a good pair of tits can do.  "The Impact" can get it done, too.  Hard.  He knows what's good.   
Porn Preference: Big Butts